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"Howard Kellman has spent a lifetime in baseball, and through the stories in this book he teaches us valuable lessons such as: if a girl in a bar wants you to take her to Midnight Mass - do it, never use gasoline to dry a field, and always let your wife know when a game goes extra innings. Trust me, it will pay off."
- Howie Rose, Broadcaster, New York Mets
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What Time Does the Game Start? (00:17)
Born Excited (00:14)
The Harder You Work… (00:03)
Two Things Wrong with Mistakes (00:05)
Fregosi Meets a Woman at a Bar (01:14)
Positive Thinking Is Useless, Unless… (00:04)
Applied Knowledge Is Power (00:11)
If You Can Sell—You Won’t Starve (00:13)
What Did You Think of Your Team’s Execution? (00:17)
Head, Heart, Stomach (00:47)
Being A Good Listener (00:15)
Indians Championship 1986 (00:36)
Indians Championship 1988 (00:47)
Cavaliers vs. Bulls (00:44)



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Howard has been the Radio and Television voice of the Indianapolis Indians since 1974. His sales work and play-by-play go hand in hand.

   "Thank you for the entertaining and highly motivational presentation you made to our team at Pac-Van, Inc.'s 2001 National Sales Meeting. Your talk was the perfect way to close our meeting, as the sales force left feeling ready to tackle the world.
   Not only was your presentation perfectly appropriate for our sales force, it was also inspirational for our corporate executives as well. In addition, it was quite evident that you were extremely prepared, as the talk flowed seamlessly for the entire hour.
   I would highly recommend you to any organization that was looking for a dynamic, hard working and personable speaker to motivate and entertain any level of professionals. Please feel free to use me as a professional reference at any time.

Angie Hamilton, Director of Marketing, Pac-Van, Inc.

   “I want to thank you for your sales seminar presentation. I wish I could have sent the entire sales force to listen to you.
   You are very enthusiastic and kept on charging with different effective closing techniques. I too have read a lot of sales books, but I liked your comments particularly on thank you notes, using the work investment vs. cost or price, and always for something a little extra to differentiate oneself from the competition.
   You are 100% correct on regarding the salesman fearing rejection and the customer fearing they will make a mistake. Right on target!!!”

Mark Plagman, Vice President Sales, Speedway International Trucks & Leasing, Inc., Indianapolis, IN


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